Our Story

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Learn about what Unseen Beauty: Quality Athleisure That Comforts stands for. Every shape, every size. 

Quality Athleisure Wear like tote bags, gym tops, shorts, leggings, and yoga pants that are perfect for yoga, exercising, staying in, lounging, or working from home.

Unseen Beauty shows off your natural shape, hugging natural curves and accentuating your best features. 

More About Unseen Beauty

Unseen Beauty is an athleisure fashion company focused on bringing out beauty in everyone. Our products offer outstanding style, quality, and comfort for working out, at home, or not working at all. Our clothing is designed to reveal the best in every woman and every girl. From the quality fabric to the excellent fit, our fashions are designed to enhance and honor the beauty of every person. 

Based in the United States, Unseen Beauty embraces inclusion and diversity in our offerings and our attitudes toward our clientele, the people we work with, and the people we serve. As we grow the business, we seek to serve an ever-widening number of people of every color, every perspective, and every ability. 

Our Mission: 

Unseen Beauty is committed to bringing out the intrinsic beauty in every person. We know the power of wearing something that’s just your style to make you feel confident and beautiful. And when you feel good in our products, that confidence highlights the inherent beauty of each item.

Our Values:

Versatility – We strive to provide leggings and accessories that are durable and sustainable, helping you to do more with your wardrobe. Our apparel and accessories are seasonless and multi-use; in style for any occasion or time of year. Whether you’re at the gym, doing yoga, or just grocery shopping, our products are good-looking, comfortable, and easy to wear.

Accessibility – You shouldn’t have to pay luxury prices for quality activewear and accessories that make you look and feel beautiful. Unseen Beauty is dedicated to providing cost-conscious products that are comfortable, stylish, and made to last.

Our Owner:

Unseen Beauty is a minority-owned fashion brand. By combining the good looks of his products with the inherent beauty in those who wear and carry them, the presentation brings out the best in both.

The founder comes from a communications, marketing, and sales background. He majored in business.

“All of the skills I learned and positions I held helped me become the CEO and business owner I am today. From communications – working with people, to marketing –   promoting products to the general public, to sales – selling to the public, they all played a part in making me the business leader I am today.”

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